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A new Apprenticeship Scheme

At last, encouraging news for those who choose to make orthopaedic shoe making a career.

For years there has been little to offer trainee makers in the way of formal training in our industry, other than an 'entry level' NVQ for larger manufacturers or a degree level for those who would like to enter our industry with the knowledge but not the skills. Now, thanks to the generosity of a client who has seen the need to train the makers of the future, a new scheme is just over the horizon.

Over the past few months I have been busy writing the draft syllabus along with Bill Bird (pictured) with the support of the Honourable Company of Pattenmakers who help look after the interests of the industry. We meet soon with the British Footwear Association who we hope will jointly promote the scheme which will help fund two apprenticeships in the first year from September, one each at each of our workshops. Bill and me are currently sifting through the prospective students who will benefit from learning the skills they need to give them the best start possible for the future, .

We'll keep you posted.

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