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The Cordwainer

The word cordwainer comes from the Spanish 'cordovaner', a worker of cordovan leather from Cordoba. It is thought the word had Moorish origins from the time of their occupation of the region.
In most of northern Europe the Germanic word skomaker was widely used, hence the English use of the word shoemaker.


Our expertise

There are only a handful of shoemakers left in the UK with the skill and experience required to make shoes and boots for people with severe foot problems. We are trying to ensure our staff gain all the experience they need to to ensure we can continue to offer the service we provide today.

Our Commitment


We would not exist if our clients did not believe in us as a team, they ensure we try our best to provide the best styles, ma
terials, services and finished shoes that we can.  Each new client presents us with different challenges which we need to meet, but we are committed to overcoming the challenges so that we provide shoes which will really make a difference.
When assessing clients for their footwear we always try to be positive about what the shoes can do for your mobility and wellbeing.  However there is no guarantee that the shoes will, on their own, provide all the answers. All clients are asked to read the terms and conditions before agreeing to place an order.
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