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It takes around 14-16 weeks to make a first pair of shoes. However, the effects of customs changes due to Brexit which affect much of the materials we use, it can often take longer to complete each order. You should also allow for delays caused by Covid-related closures and short staffing. 

Initial appointment:  After a discussion about your footwear requirements, we need to measure your feet accurately. We use traditional measurements as well as take a 3D scan of your feet, as well as a weight-bearing impression of your feet.  A deposit of 1/3rd is paid at this point.

First fitting:  Having made the lasts (moulds of your feet), we then make a 'mock upper' to check the accuracy of the last, before making the uppers. This appointment is usually around 4 weeks after measuring.

Second fitting:  After a further 5-6 weeks. Once the uppers and moulded to the lasts, the shoes are then fitted onto the foot, and any alterations noted. At this stage the soles and heels are not attached.  The second payment of 1/3rd is made at this point.

Final appointment:  After all the fittings, the soles and heels are attached, and the shoes finished off ready for collection. The balance of 1/3rd is paid at this point.

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