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Having problems with your footwear ?

Most problems with NHS supplied orthopaedic footwear come about because the wearer does not have the knowledge they need to be able to give the Orthotist or the manufacturer the right information.

Sometimes it just takes a few photographs (or if you're adventurous a video on your smart phone) to be able to see what is wrong with footwear, and what might be needed to correct problems and improve the fit and function of the footwear.

Why not fill in the form on this page and see if we can help (please do not telephone).  It's free, and I am not going to try and sell you our services afterwards.  Please note this advice is solely in respect of NHS supplied footwear.  If your footwear has been supplied privately, you should consult the supplier.

 Problems might include


  • Too wide or too long
  • The raise is the wrong height
  • The insoles are uncomfortable
  • The boots go out of shape quickly
  • There's a wide gap in the lacing
  • The foot hurts after wear
  • The ankle goes over in the boots
  • They just don't look nice
Here's what to do
1.   Fill in your details on the form below
2.  Send your photos by email to thecordwainer@hotmail.couk (please do not telephone)
      Send us a link to where the photographs can be seen (Not to a site where we would have to register)
Post your photographs to the address on the contact page.


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