These are the main points along the way of completing your order. In some cases the process will be different dependant on circumstances, but these changes will be outlined at the time of ordering. Please make it clear to us when ordering if you do not understand these procedures.


First appointment: Measurements and sometimes a cast taken of the feet. Style and materials are chosen. This appointment would normally take 1 – 1 ½ hours. In many cases we are able to make the lasts and perform a mock upper fitting on the same day. This appointment would take 4-5 hours.   The lasts are paid for at this appointment.


After a further 2-3 weeks: 

First fitting: If the lasts are not made on the day of measuring, a separate appointment is required to fit the mock uppers.  Allow 1 hour.


After a further 4-5 weeks.

Second fitting: Proper uppers cut and shoes made up without the sole and heel, hopefully this fitting will ensure the correct fit before completion. This appointment would take 1-2 hours.   A second payment of 1/3rd made.


After a further 4-5 weeks.

Final fitting: The shoes will have the soles and heels added but may need minor adjustments before wearing.   Balance paid on all accounts.


* All accounts must be paid for in full before footwear will be posted out when applicable.

ADJUSTMENTS and ALTERATIONS are made as and when required and will normally be free of charge. It is important to note that adjustments or alterations after the shoes are finished are all part of having a first pair of shoes made.



We will store customers lasts at no charge within our workshop.  If you would prefer to store your own lasts the client will be responsible for all postage costs and insurance.


All our shoes are designed at the time of ordering and consideration is always given to the suitability of the style for people with problem feet. If you choose a style that I feel is inappropriate or more difficult to complete satisfactorily, I will insist that the order is accepted solely at your own risk.


As with most UK shoemakers, our materials come from all over the world.  Our upper leathers are mainly Australian, Italian and Indian and our cut and sewn together in India.  Our 3D printed wooden casts are only available from Lithuania. If you prefer all English materials to be used you will need to add around 15% to the cost of your order.

Terms and conditions continued
On occasions, we might suggest that a style of shoe (in particular ladies court shoes) may be more difficult to make due to the nature of any foot problems or construction methods.
Although I am pleased to explore ways of over-coming any such difficulties, it must be understood that this work will be taken on entirely at the customers own risk. Those customers will be asked to sign a form to that effect.
We have easy access for disabled people.  There is a ramp up to the workshop and a small accessible toilet is situated within the works complex.
It is also possible to “fast-track” orders (weddings etc) but a surcharge will apply.  You should be available to visit for fittings as and when required in a short period of time.  The cost of expediting your order will be explained before an order is taken.



All payments must be made as they become due as set out on the Footwear Order. I will consider any request to review the payment options if there is difficulty meeting the payment options.




Although I am able to give an approximate delivery date, I occasionally have to amend this at short notice. All dates given are estimated.




We use Royal Mail as our main carrier; these costs are invoiced to you as they occur.  If you wish me to use any other delivery method, please inform me before delivery. A charge will be made for the extra cost incurred.



There are few shoe-makers left in this country who have the skills required to manufacture footwear for people with severe disabilities.


We do not have a catalogue of styles of shoes to choose from, we design all our footwear to customer requirements. Please also note the section “style limitations” overleaf relating to orders accepted entirely at customers own risk.




When assessing clients for their footwear we always try to be positive about what the shoes can do for your mobility and wellbeing.  However there is no guarantee that the shoes will on their own, provide all the answers.


Great care and attention is required to make sure that the shoes or boots fit correctly; however, there are occasions when, despite best efforts the finished footwear is not to the customer’s complete satisfaction. 


Clients are asked to bear in mind we are unable to prescribe or diagnose medical conditions.

 If at any time you wish to cancel your order before completion of the shoes, you will be required to pay for all the work done to the cancellation date. All footwear orders are accepted on the understanding that deposits, interim payments and balances cannot be returned once work on your order has commenced.


We are therefore only able to offer refunds in exceptional circumstances where it is clear there is a fault in manufacturing.


This is because there are often other issues which affect the functionality of the feet, or that or the customer has more complex foot / gait problems that cannot be solved through footwear alone. 


However I can guarantee to have tried to achieve as best fit and finish as possible.


Bespoke and Orthopaedic Shoemaker

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