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The orthotics we make are made of a variety of materials all designed to give both support and comfort, whilst at the same time remain lightweight and functional.

Our experience making orthopaedic footwear means we fully understand the important role an orthotic insole can play in improving your mobility and well-being.  Each and every orthotic we make is entirely bespoke ensuring the best results possible.

This service is only available from our workshop, or by arrangement with your healthcare provider or clinic. Our Nationwide Visiting Service is not available for supplying orthotics.

The Cordwainer is registered with the Medical Devices Agency.


What can orthotics do for me ?

Besides orthopaedic footwear, we manufacture Othortics (special insoles) that can have a dramatic effect on your comfort and mobility yet still be able to wear your everyday shoes. The Orthotics we make are unique, they are individually assessed, casts taken and manufactured and then fitted into the shoe to work correctly.

Common uses for Orthotics.

  • Chronic foot conditions

  • Sports injuries.

  • Accident trauma.

  • Long term conditions.

….. or just plain comfort.

And what can we offer you ?

  • A full assessment of your needs.

  • We will work with your health professional or clinic.

  • A same-day service (conditions apply).

  • Standard service of 24 hours.

  • I will guarantee the lowest price for the specialist service provided.



Consultations (required by all new customers) 

First appointment£55.00

Follow up appointments£20.00

Limited Postal Assessment:£25.00

Casts (these are permanent moulds and can be taken away by the client for future use)

Resin cast of the foot£35.00 each


Orthotic insole (heel to joint)from £45.00 each

Orthotic insole (full length)from £55.00 each

Extra charge for orthotic covered in shock absorbant *poron£10.00

* Poron rubber is a shock absorbent material.

There are no hidden charges, what you see is what you pay.

Value added tax (VAT) 20% from 01.01.2011 (You may be exempt from paying VAT, please enquire).

For more information on orthotic insoles please click here

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