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The Cordwainer is still open for business, but with restrictions. However, we must ask clients who live within 50 miles of London refarin from visiting us at this time.



We understand that many of our clients fall in to the 'at risk' group. We therefore suggest you delay or cancel your appointment at the workshop, and consider other ways of working.

SKYPE or FACETIME.     We can talk to you over the internet, free of charge, through your mobile phone or tablet / iPad etc. We can undertake postal fittings and discuss any problems in this way.

POSTAL FITTINGS.    We can post your partially completed footwear to you so that you can on at home. We can then use the phone or internet to discuss the fitting.

If you do wish to visit the workshop, you need to ensure that your own health is good and you have not been in contact with any other person suffering coronavirus symptons. You will be asked to use the wash facilities provided in the building opposite the workshop before you enter the workshop.


we will ensure that the client area of our workshop is cleaned before you arrive.


If you have any doubts about your visit, please contact us before you travel.


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