Vegan Footwear 

We are pleased to announce that all the footwear that we make now can be made with materials and adhesives entirely suitable for vegans.


Over the past few years the quality of leather replacement materials has improved and entirely suitable to use for orthopaedic footwear.


We also also preparing a range of 'off the shelf' vegan shoes with enough width and depth to accommodate orthotic insoles.

The prices, terms and conditions are the same as all our footwear, but with a special introductory offer. 


For new clients until the end of March

Order two pairs and we'll half price for the lasts, that could save you up to £250.00

Our Promise

There are few shoemakers in the UK with the skill and expertise to make bespoke orthopaedic footwear for clients with the most complex needs. With the help of my small team based in The Peak District in Derbyshire, We will do my utmost to solve your particular needs using the skills at my disposal.

We will spend the time necessary to assess what can be achieved and then produce footwear you will be delighted to wear. We don’t always get it right first time, that’s the nature of the work we do, but we aim high.

We will try and set reasonable expectations for the delivery of your shoes, you should allow 11-12 weeks for a first pair of shoes and 7-8 weeks for repeat pairs.

Our Service To You

The traditional materials and methods of construction we use make it possible to make a wide range of styles and types of footwear, but we are unable to copy much of the fashion styles of footwear because of the technology involved in modern shoe manufacture.

We attempt miracles and often achieve the impossible, but we have to stress there are no guarantees that we can match expectations. We have an excellent success rate, but we accept there are times when we have to change course midway in order to achieve a good result.

Bespoke shoemaking is particularly difficult because of the need to understand the interaction between the feet and the shoes, further complicated by any problems with the feet. It is for this reason that great care and attention is required to make sure that each pair of shoes fit correctly. Making shoes by hand is not an exact science and I ask my customers to understand that while I aim to achieve 100% success this is not always possible.

Each pair of shoes are made on ‘lasts’ made from the measurements of the feet. We conduct numerous fittings to ensure your shoes fit correctly and are tailored to your needs. Each new customer will require lasts to be made, however I will alter your own lasts for a small charge.

The ‘one-off’ payment for the lasts includes the cost of all your appointments for measuring and fitting your shoes, and all alterations to the lasts made during their lifetime.  

We do not make separate charges for assessments when an order for footwear is placed, but we do make a small charge for an appointment if you just want advice or ideas for a future order.  Many clients have more than one pair to allow for different heel heights and styles, we offer a 20% discount on a second pair of lasts.

Inevitably there will be occasions when the finished footwear is not completed to the customer’s complete satisfaction. We can not make full refunds on payments paid but will consider a reduction in the cost of the finished shoes to reflect any problems encountered.

However we guarantee to work with you to correct and improve the footwear to achieve the best fit and finish possible.

Hopefully you will enjoy wearing your new footwear and we look forward to welcoming you as a new customer.


Deposits and Cancellations 

If at any time you wish to cancel your order before completion of the footwear, you will be required to pay for all the work done to the cancellation date. This would invariably include any deposits and second payments made.  We are therefore only able to offer refunds in exceptional circumstances where it is clear there is a fault in manufacturing.

Additional Items

Additional charges apply for orthotic insoles, leather soles, heavy duty soles and various shoe adaptions.

Home visits

The details and costs are highlighted below.


We are happy to post items to clients, we use Royal Mail signed for service as standard.  The charge for postage is added to all invoices.

Lasts  storage

We are happy to store customers lasts at our workshop, but changes to our insurance means that from April 1st 2017 we will make an annual charge of £10.00 storage and insurance for each customer.  Customers preferring to store their own lasts will be required to pay a £10.00 charge for post, packing and administration.


I do not have a set price list for children's shoes, instead I consider each request to make shoes on an individual basis.  I will do all I can to help a child receive the footwear they need and support any efforts to have their footwear paid for by the National Health Service where applicable.


It costs around £250.00 (including fuel costs) to book a room for a day at hotels such as the Holiday Inn Express at Redditch.  From August 1st 2017 a charge of £30.00 will apply to help recover the costs of supplying this vital service.  



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